The difference betweenwho you are andwho you want to be is what you do...

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Make Your Own Happy

Hi Friends!

As of 4-15-16, MYOH is taking a short hiatus to create new  happy inventory!  See you soon!


The Making of Happy...

Hi, my name is Erin Rose Donohue.  I was 13 years old when I started to bring "Happy" to life.  When I was younger, I had been in and out of the hospital a lot- I am now a perfectly normal (although my brother would disagree) 15 year old. It's now my dad's turn to be sick.  2 years ago, he was diagnosed with stage 3b melanoma.  He was in and out of the hospital lots and had many surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy.  It was during this time that  he quickly changed form a kind and doting father to a lethargic fragile man...the Chemo was helping his body but killing his spirit.  My entire family, myself included, started to get really down and pessimistic.  It was at this low time that my mom, my brother and I realized that life was not about to suddenly solve its own problems, it was time to show cancer who was boss. We decided that we desperately needed to make some of our own happy before cancer had destroyed us as well. "Make your own happy" became our mantra.   I wanted to share this message with the world.  Every choice had become more conscious.  Every decision was based on if it made someone happy, because if it didn't, it wouldn't bring happiness to us. You see, happiness is a choice.  It is the result of pursuing what makes you - YOU!     Now, go do you....make your own happy :)


Dan the Dandelion...

he wishes for you to go out there and make your own happy!